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No sleep can't be healthy

I definitely feel like there's something distinctly unhealthy about working on a paper till 2 am, sleeping for a few hours, and then waking up super early to continue. And doing this repeatedly. Then again, I supposed it's part of the college student life that I've been denying for the first two years of my time at Northwestern by always going to bed at 12 and waking at 8 or 9. Plus today when I was in B&N doing some last minute magazine research, I ran into Graham, who looked considerably more flustered and hurried than me.. and who then informed that he probably wasn't even going to turn in his paper today. Ah Graham. :o)

The upside of this not sleepingness is that I have learned how to make some of the best cups of coffee ever.

So it's pretty much 95% for sure that I will be in New York City next quarter (hi, Heather!)
I had an awesome meeting with Michele Bitoun where she basically told me I was a good candidate for any of my top 4 choices. So I'm considerably more excited about the TM experience than I was when I first received the materials. I think wherever I go (any of my top 4) I'm going to be able to make an incredible 10 weeks out of, and learn TONS. I think I was especially satisfied to find that my lack of work for any on-campus publication did absolutely nothing to count against me, which has been a concern of mine since I came to NU. Moral is: follow your heart and you shall be rewarded.

My pleasure from the meeting carried on through the rest of the day. I was nearly giddy during ballroom comp practice; all the patterns were incredibly fun and exciting to me (even though we've been doing them since the beginning of the quarter). It's lovely, absolutely wonderful: everything I love about ballroom is back with me when I'm happy and in a good mood. I feel like any conflicts I've had with people over the past week are all worked out and gone.

Also I decided I'm going to visit my brother from the 25-27, and I'm superbly excited about that. It's about time I went down to see him; he's been here a lot more than I've been there. This coming weekend is the Chinese New Year parade in downtown Chicago, which I'll head down to see with a bunch of friends, and then the weekend after that is Jon Wong's tennis competition here in Chicago, followed by the Star of the North dance competition, which I won't be dancing it, but will certainly be going to to watch.

Anyway I'm in a great mood. I always marvel at how rapidly I move from loneliness to frustration and then back to energetic life. It seems to easy for me, but I don't question it. I'm happy, I'm completely in love; I'm satisfied; I'm in myself again: the future looks so shiny and beautiful and even this cloudy day makes me smile.
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