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David Benoit

I've always found it fascinating how strongly memories and the emotions that come with them, are associated with music. My family and I, for many years, would go to David Benoit's annual concert at Villa Montalvo. I haven't gone in a while, school and all that, but I got his music from my brother a couple weekends ago and it's amazing how listening to him makes me feel at home. I've grown up with him, surely as I grew up with oldies and classic rock, but Benoit's music was playing during our family brunches, or get togethers. It reminds me of sunshine on the trees by the side of the house, the coolness of the backyard on a sunday morning, and of course the concerts in Saratoga - the spill of stars, the crisp air and feel of woods, all against the jazz. And we could feel it, the drums and the piano, in every fiber of our beings.
So when I hear this now, it makes me feel alive again, even though I'm just remembering how I felt alive then. I think that's enough, to know we've been alive before, it gives us hope that there's aliveness still to be had, even when I'm just being a loser in front of my computer not doing anything but typing.
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