Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin


I got to see almost everyone today: my grandparents, family, relatives, friends. I danced. I ate, laughed, shopped, drove around.

After the noise of having so many good friends hanging out in the basement with me, playing pool and singing, it seems a little odd to be sitting down here on my own, just listening to slow music.
I think back on the people I know, everyone who's been in my life so far and it makes me feel really, really nice. Even beautiful.
Paul told me today that the robotics team is still using the crate I designed/painted to ship the robot. That makes me feel even better; you know I wasn't captain or anything, but it's nice to feel like I really contributed something so lasting, and something that I hadn't even thought about as something that would be used over and over again.

Early tomorrow morning I leave for New York. Should I be more excited than I am? Maybe.. but I think I'm taking it as I take most things in life: slowly, and without expecting too much or too little from it. I'm ready - everything in my life has been leading up to this (as with all things!) and I've nothing to lose. Everything I did have to lose by going, I've already made the choice to give up. Ah, such things hurt; I'll miss seeing people between traveling from NYC to DC. But I think, especially after being with everyone tonight, that there's a lot of bonds that can be reforged even after time passes, and we are no worse for the wear. If anything, we're better off.

So off I go. Another plane, another destination. Another adventure. So to my friends who read this: we're far apart again, and for a longer time now than ever before, but you're near me in so many ways. Here's to our lives - everyday a new beginning to be shared with those we love.
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