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New York, New York

Well I'm here at last. And I'm finally in my apartment getting settled in. You can see my March 2005 Imagestation album for photos if you want.

Okay, so I got in last night and my mom and I went to the hotel, ate sandwiches and went to sleep. It had been a long day of traveling (we were up at 5 am to catch a 7:30 flight). Today we got up and had coffee and then she walked me over to my building. It's raining; just like in the movies the steam rises up from the streets. Everyone is crowded onto the sidewalks, jumping puddles of water at the crosswalks, their umbrellas glistening in the bright neon glow of the billboard signs. Even at night, in Times Square, it's never dark - the amount of artificial light turns it all into daylight.
My office building is a tall, silvery thing, with a nice deli downstairs. I'm up on the 19th floor, which is pretty cool. Plus my desk faces the window so I can look out. It also means that I can't see when editors approach me :P It's a fairly small staff, about 20 people in editorial including the interns. The people are all really cool; one girl just got back from a trip where she was hiking, snorkeling and diving. Cliff doesn't sit on a chair; he sits on a huge blue exercise ball. Plus his name is Cliff. I spent my day being bored, reading a whole lot of back issues, and doing a little bit of research. Around 5, my temporary supervisor (the real one is out on vacation for the week) caught me writing an e-mail to Sahal, and told me I shouldn't feel like I had to stay if I didn't have anything to do. Which I didn't. So I left.
I had dinner with my mom at a nice little Italian restaurant on 42nd where the waiter seemed too haughty, but the food was good. You have to tip everyone here; it's kind of crazy and expensive. I'll be cooking a lot, I think. It's pretty nice having my mom around although I hope she doesn't get bored/lonely during the day. apaprently Heidi really misses her at home; Heidi follows my dad around all day begging for pats and attention. haha.

My mom took me in a cab to my apartment today. The sky was dumping rain in sheets and I got completely soaked making the crossing between the sidewalk and the building. The place is huge and nice. It's owned by a russian lady, so all the books in the living room are in Russian. Too bad I can't read them. So we moved the dining room table out of the living room into this middle area and Jean and I are sharing that room now. Matt and Dave are in the other large room (they're at the two back corners of the building). Janet got her own room at the front of the building. This place has a lot of mirrors, and hardwood floors. Perfect for dancing ;o)

It looks like I'm mostly going to be doing fact checking and research at NGA, which is what I expected. But I got a call from NG today again, and I'm really going to get a packet of information this time. Plus I actually wrote down the man's name. haha. Wheee, that will be even better than this. By a lot, I hope, since NGA has been boring so far. But it's only the first day, so I expect more to come. Anyway so we have a guest room which means if anyone wants to visit there's a place to stay. As of yet we haven't gotten sets of keys for everyone, but those are coming. We've also paid all the rent in one go for the whole quarter, so that's nice.

What else.. I don't know. I don't yet trust my first impressions of New York, which are that it's busy and noisy and I don't like it very much. I miss the quiet of home, and the outdoors. It strikes me as slightly odd that a magazine so focused on escaping the crowds and enjoying nature would have its entire staff two blocks away from Times Square in the middle of one of the most densely populated cities in the world. I'm waiting for sunshine and this weekend so I can explore the Met and Central Park. Overall though, things will be nice. And if all else fails I can at least come away knowing whether or not I could stand to live and work here.
I guess today was just kind of depressing because I was tired and it was all overwhelming and stressful. I feel like I have a ton of things to think about, like finding housing in DC, moving my stuff around in Evanston, etc, etc. But it will all work out, because it always does. And I've got sooo many people who love me and have confidence in what I can do, which makes me feel better and prouder about myself.

Okay, I should get some rest for work tomorrow. I'm definitely not adjusted to the time zone yet, so mornings will be rough!
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