Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Rain Rain...

Today was ridiculous
I got up around 9:30, walked over to the Guggenheim, got in and promptly lost my umbrella. Was disraught, the coatcheck man said "It's raining outside and we're in New York. Those two fact together mean no one has turned in your umbrella." Whee for my fellow Americans.
Okay, so then I walked the three blocks to the Met in the rain, got there, bought a membership after I got given the evil eye from the teenage girl selling admissions who clearly thought I was stupid for having gotten into the wrong line. As I wandered around I was yelled at about eating in the atrium, which, by the way, is like 10 feet away from and basically attached to the cafe (which had a huge line to get into). I ended up buying another umbrella.. this one was expensive so I better not lose it. *sigh* The one I lost wasn't even mine.. it was my mom's. Go figure. I think that's the fourth umbrella I've lost this year. I truly have a talent for it. So yeah, I went home around 5. Got completely soaked from the wind whipping rain around. But now I guess I'm fine :P I ate a pretty good dinner; even I'm amazed at how good I can make things taste considering I have almost no supplies here. I can't wait for after next weekend when I'll have picked up everything from Chicago!
And yeah, I've got the apartment to myself, and I just started reading "The Cave" by José Saramago. I really liked Blindness, so hopefully this one will live up. too bad I can't read it in the original Portuguese though.
So now it's almost 7, I'm bored out of my mind and in my pajamas already. And.. yeah. Oh! And I think I injured my foot last night dancing, so I'm kind of gimping around it. I think the polka I danced at the very end of the night was worth it though :P
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