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Free Cone Day!

Today is free cone day at Ben n Jerry's! Oh, and it's soo good. If it's any indication to the gusto with which I consumed my ice cream, I came back to the office with chocolate stains on my pants and chocolate ice cream on my hands and wrists. Haha, we fought a vicious battle, the ice cream and I, but I killed it and now it's in my stomach. mmm, I'm going back again after work.

So Cliff gave me a project yesterday - writing up and working on the Adventure Guide, which runs as a siddebar (at least a half page!) to one of our feature stories on the Boundary Waters. Hmm, I hope that's not classified information. Oh well. At any rate, I get to collect information about outfitters, lodges, hiking, etc in the area and write it up. I also get to do the photo list and map list for it. So basically it's like I'm putting together a small package. SO exciting - real work! Real responsibility... run! :P

Other than that, life is good. Apparently I sleep like a rock until my alarm goes off in the morning, if it's any indication one of my apartmentmates made some uh, ruckus, last weekend and I slept through it all. Jean, on the other hand, was kept up all night. haha. I love my apartment. Except the internet there is down, that's not so cool. It's massively crippling everything I spend my evenings doing! To quote Dave, "The internet is vital – it sustains my online life and lets me download important things like news and video games. Without it, I will have to be more social. I might even buy a board game. And nobody wants to see me playing Candyland… nobody."

Finally got the apartment for D.C. finalized - I'll be living on Euclid in the Adams-Morgan area. IN a 1 br with Tiffany Sakato. So that's another headache out of the way. Plus my cold is mostly gone. I still have a bit of a sore throat, but I'll be right as rain by tomorrow. Oh, and I got my ticket to the 12:01 showing of Star Wars. Oh baby, come to mama. Uh huh, I'll take care 'o you.

And that's pretty much all that's worth mentioning. Dance is going. Life is going. I eat a lot and walk 7 miles a day to and from work, and am staying in shape thusly. I still have bouts of melancholy, but I'm still settling in and I'm slowly telling myself "deal with it! you put yourself here!" Which is completely and absolutely true :o)

On my to do list is to send out postcards, and to go see Broadway shows (which I haven't done yet at all) and also hopefully this Saturday go to the New York Botanical Gardens instead of the Rutgers dance competition. Ah, and now the sugar high has faded, as has my 15 minute break. I'll see you all when I see you... oh and by the way if anyone wants to visit - there's an extra bedroom that can be booked up to 2 months in advance. Cost per night? A cake and/or pie to share with the roomies.
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