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Meeting that I'm not in

Ah, right now there's a meeting going on.. and it sounds BORING. Good thing I went to lunch when I did and am missing it completely! I couldn't possibly interrupt. And besides, I didn't get the memo for it. Also since everyone ELSE is in the meeting (except for our managing editor.. she was escaping into the elevator as I was coming back) I can screw around ;o)
Anyway the Adventure Guide is going well. I got a GREAT source today who told me about all these great places, so I'm doing the writing-up part now and will definitely be done by tomorrow morning so I can hand it in just on time. It's like 80 degrees outside - balmy and breezy, it feels like Hawaii and of course everyone is trying to get outside as much as possible before the weather turns colder starting, oh, tomorrow. I also got accosted by someone today trying to recruit me for something or other. I gotta stop going to the park by myself. It's like I'm some kind of prime target. Maybe I need to start looking bitchier.

So the more I research the Boundary Waters, the better it sounds. I'm going to add it to my list of places to go the summer after I graduate. Basically it's 1 million acres of interconnected lakes, there's tons of outfitters who rent canoes at pretty decent prices, and once you're in you can go anywhere you want. It's kind of a wildlife haven, but because of all the portages, etc, you can really find these little places that are hidden away. The guy I talked to today described it as being a very subtle place, describing a little lake where he saw the most beautiful sunset, and it's a place (unlike the grand canyon) where everything has to be found, but that each memory is a once-in-a-lifetime.

Still haven't decided whether or not to go to Rutgers this Saturday. I guess I kind of do want to go. I don't know, I change my mind everyday!

Well, I don't have any other news. Last night I walked home through Central Park and it was beaauuutiful. I'm definitely going to head that way every evening from now on. I really do need to figure out a way that I can jog home but not have to carry a change of clothing. I don't think it's actually possible, but Chris was saying something about jogging every other day, and carrying things on the off days, etc. I don't know, it sounded complicated, but maybe to a math/logic person like him it was easy. hah.

Things are good. This is week four, right? It's almost halfway over and I haven't done jack shit yet. I NEED TO GET MY ASS IN GEAR! *breathes* Sorry, little hyper. But I like it, it feels.. liberating. *reaches for more Skittles (the candy, not Sam)* haha ;o)
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