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I am socially awkward amongst even the socially awkward.

Nick's entry in Robert's LJ made me burst out in laughter and then almost fall out of my chair.
Thank goodness none of the roomies are around.

In other news, I had quite the interesting night yesterday. Well. Maybe not that interesting, but it was better than most of my evenings, so the peanut gallery can feel free to not make comments :o)
My supervisor, the illustrious Mark Kirby, had a party at his house out in Brooklyn. Apparently it's the house of one of his housemate's parents, and it's relaly big (as far as new york houses go) and has a big beautiful backyard. Anyway I got there around 7:30, 8ish, just in time to get my kielbasa grilled (we had to bring our own meat). Yummy. Schmoozed with some writers, but not very well. I'm discovering that I'm significantly more socially awkward than I think I used to be. when did I stop being able to make small talk? Or perhaps I never could and have just blocked that harsh truth out of my memory until it surfaced again. *sigh* Well, I did get to talk to some people, including Charlie Graeber who is the superstar of NGA. He's a pretty good looking guy, you know, adventurey-rugged. Apparently he's the subject of many an "Adventure-crush" as the ed assistant, Rachel, termed it.
Most of the evening I ended up either standing around, watching the tens of people muddling around. It was a giant publishing nerd party. Marvelous. At least a good 1/3 of the people seemed as socially awkward as me though, so I didn't feel bad. I eventually fell in talking to a bunch of kids who had gone to Deep Springs College (not at the same time as Mark, but I guess their social network is pretty tight, which makes sense seeing as how few of them they are). I kind of felt like a little fish swimming around in a pond of conversation I wasn't up to par with, but it didn't matter since they were busy getting drunk enough to wander around the streets of Brooklyn. hah.
Matt came later with a friend and I ended up chatting with them for the rest of the evening.. got back around 1 and crashed into bed. It was good :o)

Well, the article is coming along well. I've finished my revisions and now just need to tighten the wording and "make it sing." I can probably work on that tonight. Dave's gone in Jersey for the weekend, and both Matt and Janet have people over. Jean is going to hang out with a family friend at Columbia. And me? Well after I finish my large breakfast/lunch of an omlette, bacon and toast, I'm going to hang out with the relics of dead painters. yay :o)
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