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I'll be doing laundry tonight

I couldn't find a clean pair of underwear this morning, and briefly toyed with the idea of going commando all day. Then I found some under my couch (I stack my socks and underwear next to the sofa, which is also my bed) and was thus rescued from that dilemma.

This week has been really busy, and I haven't been getting enough sleep. I feel vaguely grouchy today and despite having already had a cup of coffee, I'm ready to slump over at my desk and nap for the next five hours. I went to the Metropolitan Opera's performance of "Turandot" on Wednesday evening, to dinner with Michele Weldon and a bunch of other TM girls and dance last night, and I'm just tanked, man. I don't even know why I'm writing; I haven't the energy to make this entry any good. Although underwear is always amusing, so I guess that makes it worth it.

Ok. time to work. *siiiiggghhh* :P
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