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Lunch Hour update!

Well I feel like updating again, and this time I feel like publishing some news.

Firstly, Dave Murphy, my wonderful apartmentmate, has obtained two tickets for a digital screening of "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" sponsored by Samsung. And yey, he's invited me! So that's where I'll be Saturday night.

Next, is that David Klaus, wildly successful BLAST 2005 show director, has accepted a fellowship to do graduate work in ME at Stanford. They're on the quarter system, so most of the time he's at Stanford I'll be in Evanston, but hopefully we can overlap at least somewhat and then Erin and I will have another dancing buddy! That is, if the Stanford ballroom team doesn't latch its hooks into him first.

OH AND OF COURSE as I'm updating the LJ the Editor in Chief walks in from the business trip he's been on for the past TWO days, making one of his RARE coffee journeys to this side of the hallway. Jeez. My timing is impeccable, clearly.

Anyway, my next announcement is that Ben is most likely going to be headed to Japan, where he's requested his ship assignment. I'm massively excited for him, although it's going to suck that he'll be so far away from me. Then again, they've got a pretty good ATango and ballroom scene there.

Sahal is going to visit me for a couple days before his Karate competition in Jersey, so we're going to see Gounod's "Faust" together and also take a dance lesson with the NYU coach, Stanley. Fun fun. I'm just now eating the last 10 skittles from the 3 lb. bag he gave me when I went back for the BLAST show. sugaaar.
I like how the upside to everything is always dancing.

And finally, Michelle is having a big bash in Boston on the 7th for her birthday. No way I can miss THAT. So basically these upcoming weeks are going to be exhausting, fulfilling and exciting.
I'm just about halfway through this internship and I think I'm doing pretty well for myself. I keep encouraging people to give me things to do (and am actually completely swamped right now, but that's beside the point) and I'm going to get to work on the website too now. Sweet.
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