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From Boston!

Michelle is showering and I just stuffed myself on duck and other really delicious Chinese dishes. Jeff and Chen were SO funny, and we were all so full and it hurt to laugh. I haven't laughed so hard over a meal since the days of Allison. ahh, mem'ries.

It's freaking FREEZING here by the way - constant drizzle and wind all over the place. It sucks. But Michelle is pretty cool so I guess it's worth it. We've spend most of our time so far either having coffee or eating, which is pretty alright to me. Oh there was also a dance show (yay dance) with TONS of hip hop which is something NU lacks - fobby asian guys dancing hip-hop, yay! They were pretty good, but i think Robert would have been given some pretty good fodder from other pieces ;o)

Okay I'm going to go get ready to PARTY it up. Also I'll be trying out Jean's fake ID in my first fake ID experience ever. Let's pray things go well - I already used a bus transfer as a real fare so you know, this is nothing compared to that.
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