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My mother is ridiculous (in an incredible, amazing way)

Well we all know by now that I lost my phone Sunday night coming back from Boston.. for which I have felt properly stupid and retarded. Last night I tidied up all my stuff which was everywhere and am going to try a new system, it’s called “Put things back where you got them!” I know, simple. But harder than it sounds for retarded people such as myself :o(

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all waiting for the amazingness, which is that yesterday I went into the Tmobile store to ask the guy about new phones, etc and he was saying how I’d have to buy a new phone and there wouldn’t be much of a discount, so on and so forth. Boo, I’m dejected. I skip dance and take the metro home to mope about it. Here’s my mom: she calls the Tmobile store nearby, manages not only to get me a Motorola V188 phone and 100 more minutes on my plan, but she also somehow makes $5 off of the entire transaction.
The secret? Beats me. Moral of the story: Moms are special and Jen is incompetent. But hopefully someday I will glean the secret of this Mom-power and then I too will earn money off of companies by the strength of my aura and ridiculosity.

Today has been busy – what with calling Croatia, shipping out jackets, sorting mail and researching rapes trials on Pitcairn Island. Sahal is coming to visit me though! Yay, we’re going to see Faust tonight. Well I’m back to work so I can finish everything by the time he gets here. Go me!

Oh, and immediately following this entry I’m going to post the short story I wrote for my writing (fiction) major application. It’s based loosely (VERY loosely) on people in my own life, so if you think you might be in there.. you’re not really in there at all, it’s all an illusion and you should go eat some ice cream. By the way, I'm posting it as "friends only" so log in to read.
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