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I just made 6 chocolate chip pancakes, which I've been craving all week, and they are soooo hitting the spot right now. I also made two hard-boiled eggs but can't decide whether or not to eat them now. mm, arteries.. clogging.

This past week was pretty good. Shorter than normal because of Memorial Day, but that was nice. I always have so much to get done, and of course I want to do an amazing job on it, so I end up staying past my time. But Thursday I had a dance lesson at 6, so I couldn't stay late. Next week I'll be going in super-early so I can call Kenya, which also means leaving super-early...I hope. Anyway there's some parts of Kenya that are just absolutely beautiful, like the coast of Lamu and Hell's Gate National Park, not to mention Mt. Kenya and the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. It's weird, I never really got the urge to visit Africa before, but now I feel like it's something that could be accessible to me. I guess that's the feeling I have to convey to my readers too!
I'm going to have the opportunity to work pretty closely with some editors on actual EDITING, finally! Andrew Berg even offered to let me sit with him and go over Cliff's opener, help do the rewrite letter and everything. Shoot, that's SO exciting.
I finally sent off an e-mail to Peter Porteous, the editor I'll be working with at NGM, and he said I'll be working on front of the book Department stuff, doing story development, research, WRITING and some editorial assistant tasks. This is all so big to me now.. me, 20 years old, getting to write a department article for National Geographic Magazine. Shoot. It's ridiculous. I wonder if I'll ever actually believe it.

Things are starting to pick up as far as ballroom dance comp planning goes; I've started talking with Diana about the preliminary stages of comp class and am going to type up ALL my notes from lessons and proposed syllabi so we can work on developing the course (and team!) together. I really like working with Diana, she's soo enthusiastic and super-nice. This next year is going to rock.

Aaanyway, I'm really hoping it doesn't rain today. I'm going to the Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Design now and then I'm not sure where I'll go. I could head to the south end of the island where there's a used book fair, but I don't really need anymore books at this point (I'll only have to lug them around later) and I DO have a weekly report I still haven't written. Silly Medill, I'm incredibly grateful to them for sending me here and giving me the opportunity to intern at NGA, but do I really have to take the Medill work part of it so seriously? :P

Okay, I'm out of here. I've got things to do, artwork to see!
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