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no longer an intern (even though I am)

There's no better way to start off the morning than with a big stack of pancakes, I've decided. They completely warm your belly, and if you put chocolate chips in you can practically feel yourself getting stronger and more awake as you swallow. Yum.

So work hasn't slacked off at all at NGA, which is absolutely beautiful. I've still got three days left. Yesterday was just awesome, despite the fact that I was at work for 12 hours. Andrew Berg actually let me EDIT an article. At first we went over it together, talked to the executive editor about it, then he kind of directed me and told me spearhead the work on it. That's why I stayed so late last night, working on it, cutting it down, tightening up sentences, and trying to keep the author's words and voice still in there. I was really pleased with the way it came out; today I'm going to go in and finish making up a headline for it and a kicker. I just feel SO lucky, this is REAL stuff. It's amazing that they actually trust me enough to let me do this kind of work, that I'm not just doing the intern fact-checking anymore. That step alone makes this entire process the best work experience of my life, as of yet.

Last night apparently I had a dance lesson at 6, even though I thought I had scheduled it for 8:30, and the receptionist called me at 6:20 to ask if I was coming. Of course at that point I was still at work (I stayed till 8 that night, anyway) and yeah.. didn't make that. So I rescheduled for next Tuesday, I'm going to have two hours' worth, with a 50 min block in between to rest and absorb.

Today I organized an "intern lunch"! There's like 7 or 8 of us total, including the prod and art kiddies, so it should be a good time. Poor Sam, he's the only guy. Right.

Anyway it looks like it's about to rain so I want to get off to work to beat most of it :P
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