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Ah, Evanston is quiet. And the blocks are small, so very small. *sigh* But I like it
it's calming; I feel like I'm calming down and not freaking out about work on a regular basis anymore. Basically I'm unwinding.
The past couple days have been kind of crazy. On Wednesday I got in and Sahal picked me up and took me to waltz practice. The Crystal Ball dance competition is this weekend so they're reviving the waltz piece for the formation team competition. Pretty neat that I can watch it/work with it again. It makes me happy and useful - feeling. So that was nice, and then later Michael came back to SAhal's place and we watched Family Guy and had some bubbly.
Yesterday was.. Thursday, which I spent most of the day walking around on the lakefill, then runnig around trying to find out where Ben's commissioning was.. only to discover that it had been at 10 am. Wow, I don't even know how that happened. *sigh* Oh well. It's fine that I missed what was quite possibly one of the most key events in Ben's life..not really but I'm accepting it. Anyway we met up later because I dragged him to waltz practice with me, and then we all went out to Kafein with Sahal, Joel, Nikki, MIchael and Chandler who met us there.
Today I got up really really early for some reason, at like 5:30, 6ish, after getting max 5 hours of sleep, and had breakfast with Ben. Then I went to help SAhal out with his wedding couple lesson (SO THE CUTEST THING EVER - the guy can never stop staring at the girl.. it's just adorable. *sigh*). And then he got me lunch at the Irish pub AND bought me ice cream. We went to run bank errands, went to bookstores, and saw Jackie George and Caroline on the way. So yeah, pretty good day so far. And it's only 3 pm! Plans for the rest of the day? See Steph, see Ben again, go to the NU Graduation, then to TGIF - which will be interesting because I haven't been out social dancing for THREE MONTHS.

Anyway, so yeah things are good. Ben might even be able to come to my bro's wedding (yay for people to dance with ;o) and I had a superbly nice last night/day in NYC. I got to see my dad, which was awesome and really, really nice. I got to have my last dance lessons with the coolest coach ever, and I packed well and everything. So yeah, aside from the whole NROTC commissioning thing, things have been going dandily. I've even been getting some great Family Guy watching in.

Well I'm outta here, time to go see more people :o) Must enjoy this free time before I kick my own ass at NGM.
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