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Well I haven’t updated in forever, mostly because I don’t have a computer right now except for my work one, and well, that’s for doing work :P
But I shall take a few minutes to quickly recap my life so far, just so you all know I’m still alive (I need a machine that goes “ping!”).

So I’m in DC now, living in the Adams Morgan area, which I like to describe as being very international and lively. It has all types of restaurants from Ethiopian to Persian to Mexican. The apartment, a one bedroom on the 2nd floor, is cozy and well-decorated. There’s digital cable, a washer and dryer in the closet, and its fully furnished.
The city itself has massively less atmosphere and character than NYC, but it’s also much slower paced and much emptier. It’s kind of nice, I guess. I haven’t really decided yet. All in good time, eh?

NG is ridiculously huge. I feel mostly overwhelmed all the time, but then again it’s only my second day and I figure once I settle down I’ll be able to get down to biznass. I got my ID badge today so I’m official. It even says “Intern” on it in big letters. Turns out everyone who has blue badges is paid, and brown badges is unpaid, so you can tell who’s making money and who isn’t around here. How tacky.
I do have my own office though, and a computer monitor that can’t be seen from the doorway. It’s kind of drab in here; I feel really cut off from the outdoors because I don’t have any windows, only what I can see through the doorway of the office across the hall, which does have a window.

I haven’t done any dancing since I got here, I haven’t even really begun to research it yet. People should be proud that I’m cutting back on addictions. There’s no coffee maker up here, so either I clean out the moldy gross one in the apartment or else I start buying it. Or I could wean myself off. Hmmm… :o)

The problem with my life here right now is that I don’t have any goals. At NGA at least I knew I wanted to prep for this internship. But I haven’t yet decided how much I like it here. I guess I should use it to just explore as many aspects of NGM as I can, including marketing? Another thing I want to do is read more. It’s been a long time since I was able to cross anything off of my booklist. Apparently there’s a bookstore here called Kramerbooks, where people go to find dates. Sweet, my kind of store ;o) Kidding, kidding. Kind of.

The walk to work is pretty pleasant because the weather has been nice. So I’m enjoying that. The other intern here got the position through ASME, surprise, surprise, and she’s super nice. She’s going to be the EIC of the Ithaca paper come fall. But what bugs me is that she’s got terrible posture! Someone needs to get her into some ballroom dance classes. What? Don’t look at me?

In the meantime, I’m craving something outdoorsy. It’s making me insane; I need to go hiking or something before I explode. I may have to just wait until August, when I’ll have an entire month to frolic in the mountains.

Well I think that’s enough out of me, as it’s time to get back to work and then go hang around in Border’s (or Kramerbooks, whichever I find first). Fun times in Jenland. More to come later…
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