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Hi Minh :o)

I walk past the University of California building everyday on my way to work and I think of you :o)

Yesterday I went to an intern reception thingy with Ken Yang, who spent two hours answering our questions about his work in journalism (he was the first major asian male broadcaster to ever be on air, and was also a correspondent in the Middle East and Israel). It was really neat to hear him speak, and there were only about 25 interns there and him, which was superb. At any rate he was a really nice guy and it was neat to see someone whose hard work was really rewarded, and who is very much a part of today's journalism scene. Even though he mostly talked about his broadcast experiences, I think there were a lot of other things he spoke about that I found applicable to my own work in magazines. The event was organized by AAJA (Asian American Journalists Association) but there was a really good mix of people who were actually there, andI was glad to see that. This sunday is AAJA bowling in Bethesda, which could be pretty fun. It's been a long time since I last went bowling!

I also met the "Middle East specialist" here, who is also one of the top text editors at NGM, and we talked about story development and he offered me his entire library of books on the Middle East for my perusal. Everybody seems to have a specialty - frogs, dinosaurs, India, etc. I think I need to come up with one for myslef. I wonder if "ballroom dance" will cut it? My supervisor, Peter, seems really eager to show me any aspect of the magazine that I'm interested in, and once I ask him about something he sets it up within 24 hours. He's even given me an article to edit. I'm slowly finding a better goal for myself this summer, right now it's kind of in a nebulous "do and find out as much as you can about the magazine" type of a thing. This internship is even shorter than the one I had at Adventure, so if I want to get a handle on this organization, I need to do it fast. At the same time, I'm feeling so much more relaxed about everything here than I ever did in New York, so my productivity level is probably lower.
Over lunch with my supervisor yesterday, we listened to a person from the International development section speak. IT was really interesting to hear him talk about the international issues of the magazine that NGS puts out - turns out the magazine still provides nearly 90% of the society's profits. Incredible. I think it'd be pretty neat to be involved in that side of NGS, dealing internationally, meeting those kinds of issues - and it really is a mix between marketing and developing the magazine.

Last night I spoke to my parents, and they've decided it would be nice to head out to the Shenandoah Mountains (did I spell that correctly...I guess I should know) when they visit for July 4, yay! I'm really looking forward to them being here. Heh, I always found it interesting that when other people my age were like "ew, family" I always craved time with them. I think family vacations were some of the best things to ever happen to me, thanks to my mom who always did a superb job of organizing them.

I never got to Kramerbooks last night . Tiffany and I came back from the Ken Yang talk, went to Potbelly's/Larry's Homemade Ice cream, and then went back to the apt and caught the last 5 minutes of Dancing with the STars. Too bad I didn't get to see the whole thing :o( I've actually only watched 1 full episode out of the total 4 they've aired so far. Sad. I miss dancing already. I guess it's time I start looking into that :P Then again, I really miss coffee too and have successfully not had it ALL week, although I've been extremely tempted many, many times.
I have a few good pictures I really want to put up, but alas, we shall have to wait another week.

Today is going to be the "Wall Walk" for a story I'm working on. This happens when the layout moves from art/layout to the editors for them to pour text into. They post the layouts up in a room upstairs, the editors walk by them and discuss them, the photo and art people explain why they laid things out they way they did, and then the editors okay them. It should be really, really interesting. Man, this internship is awesome. heh.. I'm too lucky.
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