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Isn't it amazing that despite my utter lack of any exciting to write about, I'm nonetheless updating my LJ. Trying to make up for lost days, I suppose.

Last night I went to Kramerbooks, but to my disappointment, it was 75% women. Nobody for me to hit on! Then again, they could have been lesbians...but my previous sentence would still stand regardless. Instead I went to Starbuck's and consoled myself with a DECAF coffee. I sat outside and over the next hour did editing work on a piece that I turned in to Peter this morning, people-watched, and examined a chickadee, who was so intent on getting some of my marble pound cake that he sat a two feet away from me and examined my food. If I had Spidey-like reflexes, I could have grabbed him. I enjoyed getting to study him up close though, I could see all the individual digits on his feet, and all his different feathers and such. I wish I had been able to sketch him, but darn those alive things, they're always moving !

Yesterday I also met the intern events coordinator, who finally put me on the e-mail list. Next week we're having a brown bag lunch with EIC Chris Johns. Ah, the big man on campus, for sure. I got to sit in on a story progress meeting yesterday, with ALL the big head honchos around here. I was properly startled that I was the only minority there (this used to not matter to me but for some reason the older I get, the more of an issue it becomes) and I also noticed that a good 3/4 of the people in the room were definitely scared of Chris Johns, or at least, intimidated. Is there even a difference between the two? At any rate, I feel like after my "I'm scared of the NGA EIC!" experience, I'll be just fine. I'm really not scared of him; but then again, I'm just a little intern and therefore it matters less to me what he thinks than it matters to the big time editors.

I've deleted AIM off of my computer as of this morning, slowly but surely cementing the fact that I'm recovering from my addictions. This is a good thing, right?

Anyway, I'm eventually going to get letters andmor e-mails out to people e just to say hi and all that good stuff. I miss my homies, esp Dan, who texted me last night to tell me that a gelato place opened up across from Coldstone. *sigh* It's been a while since I last had Coldstone too :P I'm also pleased to announce that the mark from me tipping a hot iron over on my forearm is fading nicely, with no visible scarring or hair loss. Heh, I count my blessings! Here's another one: my iPod, which is my only link to my MP3 collection on the unfunctional laptop, is working despite a scare with a "harddrive error" icon earlier this week.

Tiffany and I last night were discussing how she could easily become an workaholic . I was reminded of last quarter when I was one, and agreed. Which brings me back to that whole thing of "I'm never going to meet anyone if I keep up this current lifestyle." Well, the truth is that I feel like it's a lot easier to meet people and to make friends here in DC> At least from the other NGA interns. You can pretty much find a large table of us at any time between 12:30 and 1, sit down, introduce yourself, and proceed to have a perfectly lively, interesting conversation. After which they will invite you out to happy hour. This doesn't do me much good because I can't drink, but it's the principle of it really - it seems like the societal openings here are much more accessible. I'd love to spend some time living in San Francisco and Chicago , now, I mean IN the actual city as opposed to the suburb outside of it, just to see what it's like. Every place is so different, which hardly makes sense because really we're all the same people, aren't we? Hmm, well that's something to chew on for the rest of the day, and I'll just leave you with that :o)

[Edit 16:39]
So whoever had this computer before loaded a bunch of songs on iTunes. And one of the artists he has TWO albums up from is Richard Cheese, who does lounge music versions of songs like "Closer" and "Baby Got Back." They're positively hilarious, all the more so because I can picture people foxtrotting or swing dancing to these songs. IN fact, you could probably get away with using it as a wedding dance song, and people might not even realize how positively obscene/inappropriate the lyrics are.
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