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Boyo I'm tired. It's because the first Netflix movie came yesterday, and Tiffany didn't get back till around 9:30. So of course we didn't start I <3 Huckabees till 10. In bed at 12, alarm goes off at 6:45. This is starting to become a cycle. I need sleeeeeeep *whine whine, moan, gripe, sigh* The movie was great though. Yay for existentializm!

I'm not a fan of coming to work. I want to go home and sleep. I can't believe I'm tired of this job already, *in loud dramatic tones * "It was supposed to be so good! I was the chosen one!!!" just kidding, but I can't avoid star wars references.

In other news, this UPS package of mine apparently requires a signature. So I haven't gotten it yet because I'm never home. Although apparently they tried to deliver it yesterday at 6:30 pm but I for some reason didn't hear the bell. I get two more tries before they start holding it in Maryland. I guess I can just have them leave it w/o a signature, but that sucks because someone might steal it. :o(
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