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Habana Village

So last night after work I had dinner w/ my Auntie Elaine, who is (was? she might be retiring soon) an art teacher in Chicago. It was pretty good - although for some reason I have trouble really talking to her and keeping the conversation carried on, so even though I love her I was happy to drop her off at the hotel. You know how that goes. But she is really cool, and it seems odd that I haven't been able to talk much with her because we both are so interested in art. I guess I'll try harder next time :o)

After dinner I went to Habana Village, a cuban restaurant just two blocks away from my apartment. When I got there the lessons were still going on, so I went and sat against the wall (this place is pretty small, it's just the 2nd floor and in a narrow long space). The guy teaching the beginning lesson pulled me over and danced with a little and immediately asked me if I wanted to be his teaching assistant, in exchange he said I could "take the lesson for free" which is silly because I probably wouldn't have taken it in the first place. But anyway so I got to help him teach, which basically meant I went around to the different couples to help clear the confusion that the teacher created (he goes really fast and teaches all moves, no technique). It was pretty fun actually, I love teaching, even if it is Salsa which I'm no good at, and after I danced for another hour and a half. I think I am way better at it than I was last year, thanks in large part to the training I got in NY - I just feel a lot lighter as a follow. I've also become a lot more sensitive to dancing with the kinds of people who pull you around and force you through everything, boy that's no fun at all.
I feel like I should practice my Spanish more there as well, because some of the people are definitely Spanish speaking and their english isn't that great. Then again, I might tell them the wrong thing and just screw them up more. If that's possible.. ;o)

I went home and watched Sideways with Tiffany - I think we were in a silly mood, or just too analytical because we critiqued the movie the entire time and it came off feeling really cheesy and funny. But oh well, it was enjoyable. I didn't get into bed till 1, so I should be tired but am surprisingly not.

As I was washing my breakfast dishes this morning I thought back on something my aunt said about how her husband always cooks and she does the dishes. And I realized that even though I like that arrangement now (I cook and Tiff does the dishes), I wouldn't want that for the rest of my life. You know? I want a family big enough that we can use the dishwasher, or at least that I can make my kids do the dishes, haha. But more seriously, I was thinking that if I ended up in New York I think I'd postpone having a family much longer than if I lived in California or in DC, just by pure force of how hard people work in the various locations. In NYC you're always running, you push yourself hard so that you can make it with everyone else who is also pushing themselves hard. And it's fun, I admit it. I like the energy and I like the pressure. But I find that when I'm in DC different things matter to me, andin some ways those things are the "important" things - family, relaxing, being lazy... :P I suddenly see my life going so many different ways, based solely on my location.
Now when I look at what I want to do after college, the decision grows bigger and bigger, holds more weight each time. I've even been considering grad school in SoCal so I could be closer to home, to Bonnie, and to Ben even. At the same time I feel like I can't move somewhere just for the people, it has to be because it's the right thing to do. That's how it was for NU, and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Knowing the right thing can be so HARD though. *sigh* Well, I'll start researching I suppose and then jump the hurdle when I get to it.

Till then, it's back to work for me.
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