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Motorcycle Diaries

I felt let down by "The Motorcycle Diaries," as only about a third of the movie is actually spent on the motorcycle.

Last night I helped teach the salsa class again, and then danced for a while. Lior came by later and I taught him a few basic steps. I love teaching... I love it I love it.
Because I was up till 2 am watching the movie, I really only got 5 hours of sleep. Oh it hurt waking up this morning. Surprisingly enough, I feel better today than I did yesterday. Maybe I should start getting LESS sleep.

The rain here is crazy. It pours for 30 minutes, like.. buckets and buckets of rain, and then it stops completely. Four hours later, it'll pour again. It sucks, it makes it easy to walk out the door without an umbrella and then get caught in a downpour and be soaked. Although I, being a girl scout, am always prepared.

I turned in all the articles I've been writing, and I'm going to just hopefully be editing today. Maybe get some prelim research going on a story one of the writers wanted me to look into. The weeks are flying, thank GOODNESS. Today I'm going to Philadelphia, and I'm excited to see a city I've never seen before. Even more than that I'm looking forward to spending time with a person who I've known since I was 6. Heh, we've both got memories of me and Ashley teaming up on him with waterguns, and him defending himself with the lid of a trash can. We ran around on the street for like an hour playing. It'll be great, and OH I got paid today. Although they took like 1/9 of my paycheck for taxes. That hurts. But Ah, time to start saving up for the rest of the year.
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