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Every weekend I'm filled with renewed hope for the week. Even sometimes before work I feel excited - today's the day, I think, today I'm going to really make something out of this job. And when I get here it all falls away and I just can't wait to be done. How much longer can I do this for?

This weekend was particularly awesome because I took a bus to Philly to see David. It was so, so nice. There's just something about hanging around with someone you've known since you were six, something about being around a person you grew up with, that's infinitely comfortable and delightful.
The best thing about David is that he's just as crazy and ridiculous as ever. Philadelphia really fits him, and I found it a welcoming city which I think was due in large part to the beautiful weather and also the fact that I was hanging out with David :o) And of course he's ever the gentleman, opening all my doors for me and letting me sleep on his bed while he spent the weekend on the sofa downstairs. Friday night I had a real Philly cheesesteak, complete with Cheese Whiz, which let me tell you, is the magical ingredient. Absolutely delicious. And then Saturday night we went to Maggiano's and pigged out. We also probably walked 10 miles throughout the course of the weekend. Yey. In conclusion, being around David just went to show me that we really can have our own separate lives, enjoying our own triumphs and successes, and it's possible to come back and spend time with an old friend, catch up, and not feel guilty that we haven't been tracking the other person every step of the way. Talking to David lets me put my own life in perspective, I think, in a way that hearing all the details of everyday wouldn't let me do. And of course, there's all the reminiscing and the laughter, and that alone would have made this trip worth it.

I woke up at 6 this morning and went jogging. I also forgot to stretch afterward, which means tomorrow I'll be sore. Heh, I came back from my run this morning and showered and made breakfast, and when I finally got out of the apartment to head to work, I started down the stairs and realized how noodly my legs were. Good thing I didn't pitch headfirst down the whole flight.

Tonight I'm going to go to Hecht's, Barnes & Noble, then go back to my apt and do laundry, and clean clean clean. I have to feel active so I don't feel like I'm doing nothing with my time in DC. Gah, it's SO annoying how I really make myself think that I want to like this internship, but I can't bring myself to do it. Instead I sit here, half of my time I WASTE doing nothing because I'm not interested in the work, and the other half I'm poking halfheartedly along like a stupid turtle. It makes me even more annoyed that coming back from Philly I had so much hope for this week and now it's getting crushed by the weight of reality. GRAWR.

I'm also listening to all my spanish-language music, and it's a merengue right now. Someone daaannnce with meeeee......
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