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I suppose I should take it as a good sign that I haven't updated in two weekdays. It means I'm busy, at least.
My newest job is that next week I'll be taking over for someone in production for two weeks. Basically it means I mark where changes were made on proofs and then run the new versions all over the building to the people who should be getting them. There's two great parts of this job. 1) I'll be moving around regularly instead of sitting on my ass all the time and 2) I'll get to visit the top editors/text folk on a regular basis. It's too bad all the top editors have assistants, otherwise I'd be able to talk to them directly. :o) Either way I'm looking forward to this.

The past couple of days have been filled with minorly exciting - or extremely unexciting - events. Such as me lighting a dish towel on fire Tuesday night. Yikes. Also yesterday I didn't brush my teeth after I ate breakfast because I'd brushed before, and mid-morning I went to use the restroom only to discover that I had charred bagel stuck in between my teeth. Attractive, I'm sure. *cringe* I also finally met the person who lives in the other apt on our floor. A cute law student from Stanford named Robert. Tiffany and I were starting to think that the whole "there's other people living here" story was made up. , and that all the other tenants were simply ghosts.

I finaaally watched the Godfather last night. It was good, but waaay too intense for me. I was so stressed out during the whole thing. Also Tiffany has this habit of going "oh, God" or "hah!" at parts of the movie that are even slightly surprising and/or unbelievable which tends to ruin the effect slightly. :o) Good thing I like her so much or I'd be angrier. haha, I also made thyme-rubbed chicken with fresh tomatoes over it, served on rice for dinner, with a side of toast. Even I was kind of impressed by my effort.

The weather has taken a turn for the disgusting lately. It's gray and oppressively humid outside, heavy with the promise of thunderstorms. Yuck. Too bad, since Eric is getting in tonight. I'm sure he'll enjoy the absolute grossness of being outside.

Peter has begun to introduce me as Jen, who dances and teaches competitive ballroom dancing. Which makes me sound a lot more expert than I am, but if people can remember me that way then I'm cool with it.. I guess. He gets a real kick out of it anyway :o) Yesterday he set up a lunch meeting with me, Beth, him and Mike Lafavore, who founded Men's Health, was editor at TV Guide for a couple years, and is now doing consulting. He's here for the week to give NG feedback on how they can make their magazine more accessible to people, and to bring it to new glory on the newstand. It was really interesting to hear him talk about the future of the field, give advice and also see what he had to say about the magazine and internships. He actually also dropped out of college. Between him, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Lisa Ling...there's a trend here. Unfortunately, I don't really think I'm good enough to drop out of college and still make it in life :P

OK I've got a piece to edit, which I don't really know what to do with because it's so good already. I'll come up with something. By the way, if anyone wants to do some freelance fact-checking for Sunset, e-mail me asap with your contact info and a brief paragraph of background.
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