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This is the kind of entry that I write too many of.

This week has been a little odd-feeling. Most Thursday nights I go dance Salsa at Habana Village and help this guy teach. Last night, I don't know, I just didn't want to go. I was tired of the atmosphere; which is odd because usually it's the atmosphere that energizes me. Instead I thought I'd go see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Upon arrriving at the theatre, I realized that it was just an arthouse theatre. So instead I saw "Saving Face." It was really an excellent film - much better than I thought it would be. And although it deals with a Chinese family, it reaches across the border of ethnicity to capture the feelings of belonging and love that I think we all yearn to understand. After the movie I went to Potbelly's for a meatball sandwich (sometimes you just crave one, right?)
Well the whole reason I felt bummed out was because I should have been out at Happy Hour, sending off an intern friend on his last day. But since I'm not 21 I didn't want to even go and TRY to get in, afraid that if I was turned away it would just be uncomfortable for everyone else. Instead I worked until 7:15, which sadly threw me back to a trend I hit in NYC , ie. If I work really hard, I can't think about how I could be playing right now.

This morning Congressman Kolbe took us on a tour of the House of Representatives, and even took us into the House chamber, although we didn't get there early enough to visit the floor. It was neat, because we went in so early in the morning (8:45) there wasn't anybody else in most of the building when we got there. He also showed us this place where an ex-congressman and the journalist who had exposed the bribery scandal with him met, argued, and got into a gunfight. The journalist won, but the blood drops where the ex-congressman tumbled dead down the stairs are still visible. How exciting. This of course led Tiffany to propose "what if we just gave all the people in the Capitol guns instead of having all this other security stuff." haha :D Congressman Kolbe then had someone take a photo of us interns, and he's going to send us signed prints. What a wonderful, nice man.

This day has seemed short, as it's 2 pm. Then again, I only got here at 10:45, so it's not like I've done much. My supervisor is working from home today. Also I can't for the life of me find a pen in my office. Ridiculous. Tonight there's an NG Intern party , which hopefully will be fun and not lame. I have a tendency to be really awkward at large functions such as these, but I'm hoping it won't be so bad since I know a good number of the people. Plus it'll be a good chance to get to know some of them beyond our randomm lunchtime conversations. I think most of them will probably know my name, if not my face, because I've been putting together a contact list for all the interns.

This feeling of self-annoyance keeps gnawing at me. It's a little disappointing because this week really started out well; I thought maybe finally I was settled and could do real work. No such luck, I suppose. I think the past month's entries have contained the longest running series of "I hate what I'm doing" yet. *sigh* Oh well. I'm very much enjoying getting to read everyone else's postings, especially Robert and Dave (congrats, btw, on the master's program!) Keep them coming; they're my source of laughter for the day. That and Penny Arcade because today's strip is brilliant. "I'm not eating any found cake."
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