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Cooking is dangerous

Last night I almost burned my apartment down.

I put some rice on the stove to cook, and turned on the wrong burner. Except on that burner was sitting a plastic colander. I went to the bathroom. When I get back, there's flames from the colander burning. My first reaction? To throw baking soda on it. Only guess what? There isn't any baking soda. So I throw water on it - the flames leap up higher but fortunately die down immediates. Finally I can turn off the burner.
Now there's melted plastic all over the stove and smoke filling the apartment. As I open on of the windows, the plastic sill part to push the window up breaks and I cut my finger.
I spend the next hour and a half scrubbing out melted plastic from the burner dish, and it's still not all gone. I'll just have to remember not to use that burner... After that most of the smoke has dissappated. I'm exhausted from dealing with the whole thing. But hey, good news: nobody died.

But in all seriousness, this never should have happened. I'm not sure where my mind is these days, but it's clearly not on important things, like keeping myself safe. If I had been much later, wno knows what else would have caught on fire, maybe the cabinets, or something.
Moral of the story is: Stupidity can kill.

I can't wait to go home tomorrow. I haven't missed home this much since I was a freshman in college. A large part of it, of course, is that at home I know I'll have time to relax and also to make myself useful picking people up from the airport or whatever. And I'll get to see family, and that's the most important part of all.

Anyway, to conclude. I'm disgusted with myself for the past few days - did I mention I lost another umbrella too? My relaly good, beautiful, Metrpolitan Museum of Art one? Yeah.
I need a new start on things here.
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