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Best Memories

Well I just had the best five days of my life at home this past week.
But before I go into all that - Congratulations Robert & Julia!
The wedding went off splendidly; it was really lovely and fun all at once, thanks to the antics of Julia's little brother! Well there's many angles to describe this week from, but I think what I want to say is how thrilled I was to see people. Just about all my relatives were there, I saw a bunch of my LAHS buddies on Friday night, spent time with Bons, bonded with Julia and Caitlin (and Julia's family!) and got to know my brother's best man Jay, Jay's ridiculously competent girlfriend Ariel, and groomsman, Chris, better. You know, they're kind of fun when they're not staring at their computer screens ;o) hahha. And of course, I got to see a ton of people who are my brother's friends whom I hadn't in a long time - people like Diana and Patty and Daniel. . I ate a lot of food with wonderful people - lunch w/ my brother at Apple, lots of meals with family, breakfast with JT, and a huge rehearsal dinner with everyone fun, plus Coldstone which is always capital. Let's not forget the waltzing in front of Quizno's.
During the reception, Mr. Florendo, Paul, Jon and Joe Powers drove in the robot from this past year's competition and had it present the new couple with a roll of duct tape (to hold their marriage together of course). It was great fun, there was much dancing and laughter that followed. My brother and Julia both have the kinds of characters that draw to them wonderful people - great, loyal friends who would go the world for them. It's a quality to be envious of, for sure, and it's inspiring to see.
I realized over the weekend, too, while watching the sun set behind Michael's, that I love California a ridiculous amount. Can I ever live on the East Coast and really be happy? I love my home, driving down 280, the way the sun looks mid-morning, even flying over the east bay yesterday morning , with all the hills in their golden, tousled beauty. The place fits me like nowhere else. How can I reconcile that with my love for journalism? well, I suppose those are questions to be answered another day.

The best part the wedding was seeing how HAPPY everyone was, especially my brother. I've never seen him so happy. When they were standing under the hoopa, being married, I could see the look on his face and he was just smiling and smiling at Julia, and I thought to myself "wow, he loves her so much." It's the kind of thing that dwarfs any emotion you might have felt yourself in the past, and you realize "this is what we're all looking for in life. Or, at the very least, what we should be looking for.

Now that I'm back at NGM, I'm considerably less pleased with life, but I figure I only have two weeks left here and that they'll pass quickly. And now, I guess I should get some work done. My fellow intern, Beth, had her last day a week ago, so now it's just me, doin my thang.
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