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Quick lunch break update:

I'm working in New Media this week, and loving it. I actually have things to do that don't make me bored, even though they're not the most mentally challenging tasks in the world. I also finally discovered what it is about NGM work that bugs me - it's all too long-term. Think about it, if I have 4 weeks to research ONE topic, I've got no incentive to start early, especially since most of the information I compile is going to be useless. I would much rather do light research, come back to someone early on and ask where they want me to focus it. Here I feel like I've got SOOO long to do light research that it's like I'm better off screwing around on the internet for hours instead.. Down in New Media, their tasks are much more immediate - they're shorter tasks, time-consuming but not boring. For example, right now I'm helping to archive all the stories on Africa that have ever been published in NGM. Could be pretty tedious,except that in deciding where to archive them I get to read them all too :o)
Well that's it from me, I just wanted to note this day because it's the first time in weeks that I've actually felt excited about what I'm doing here.
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