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it's effin' cold in here! And I'm wearing a collared shirt and long pants too! What's going on?

Anyway, yes I should be down in New Media working with them except I made the mistake of coming up here after lunch and got pegged with an "emergency" assignment - writing web legends for this ZipUSA story. They're due Friday, aaand apparently the people who are in the story are tired of being called so I have to try and work off of notes. One of the sets of notes is this transcript, and apparently the person writing the notes couldn't type fast enough because there's little "..." between every FIVE words and I can hardly get a straight sentence out of any of it! Sheesh.
Well, it'll stretch my writing prowess, that's for sure.
Right now I'm waiting for the gentleman who works in the Santa Monica Mountains Park Service to call me. He's nice; we've also been playing phone tag for a few days now. Let's hope I don't miss him this time, since the writer who assigned me to resesarch this story is coming back this next week.

Okay off to do some guerilla writing.
I think this evening I'll just cook and buy a new colander, and try to get close to finishing James Michener's "The Source." I'm on page 500-something now.. and still less than halfway through. My goal is to finish it and this other book I borrowed from the Middle East Specialist by next week. Easy cheese, right?
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