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The best music to listen to while walking to work is a compilation of all the James Bond theme songs ever. Your life is suddenly one big secret mission as you dodge from bush to bush, stalk over crosswalks, and then give everyone looking at you a big suave smile. Just remember: run while others walk, act while other men talk, look at the world and want it all, and then strike, strike like a thunderball.

Last night I had the Turner Classic Movie channel on all night in the background while I was making dinner, and later when I was reading in bed. I love the songs, and they even showed Ziegfeld Follies, so I got to see Fred Astaire dance with Ginger Rogers, and then tap with Gene Kelly - they were all such incredible dancers. Boy-o. Then I fell asleep, kind of, and ended up sleeping at like 1:30. And then I got up this morning, albeit painfully, at 6:30. Yum.

Here's a question: after I go out for Indian food today, should I then also consume Chipotle? I don't know if I can handle the combined force of the two.

[edit 13:25]
This is just bizarre:
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