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Reasons for updating

One of the reasons I upate regularly now is because I like the uniformity of the colors on the calendar of my LJ page.

Yesterday I thought I'd have ALL this work to do in New Media, since we're launching the new issue's site on Monday. Around 5:00 Cassandra comes in and goes "happy hour in my office!" Ah, I love them :o) We sat around and talked about trippy children's movies and good kids books, and I got to learn more about the people in that office. Interestingly enough, most of the people working there don't have techie backgrounds, which I guess makes sense because I think an outside company puts together the actual code for the site.
Us folks over here are just supposed to be creative about the content, and smart about how its presented.

Had a "coffee" at 2 with Chris Liedel, the CFO of the society. Man.. these number people, I've got a great amount of admiration for people who can keep track of the finances of a company that regularly brings in tens of millions of dollars. Especially when certain divisions aren't non-profit (like NG Channel) and others are. Mostly because I'm awfully slow when it comes to math and know I could never, ever perform their job.

After work I had dinner at Heritage India with Lior where we discussed our internships, what we had expected versus what we got out of them. It's so cool to talk to him and learn all about the field of commercial art, where they fit into the scheme of preproduction development and how those artists' jobs fit in with the rest of the process of things like creating movies and plays and basically any production that involves visual concept.

I crashed at 11; fell asleep with the lights on and everything, slept through my alarm this morning but fortunately woke myself up an hour later at 7:15, and got into work just fine. Web legends are done, now I'm going to head downstairs to do more fun stuff. This week has zipped by, but thank goodness it's Friday anyway. I'm still trying to decide what to do with my weekend. There are a bunch of things I want to do, but there's NO way I can fit them all in. This forces me to pick and choose the ones that I think I'll enjoy best, which is never a fun thing because I want to do all of them.
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