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Had Ethiopian again last night; twas delightful.
Much like the movie "Finding Neverland." It was so beautiful and magical.. ahh it makes me feel like I'm no longer enough of a child. Although I know for a fact that my brother and I did much imagining as youngsters, most vividly I remember us re-enacting a lot of Narnia. I miss that.
I wish there were some little folk that I could go exploring through forests with. I ought to play with my cousins more, although they're getting older now too.

Today's the hump day! Wednesday is always nice; you know the end of the week is just around the corner. I've got meetings pretty much all morning - first an intern coffee with John Fahey - he's the BMOC, the CEO, Board Member, President of the National Geographic Society. Right after that I have a meeting with Bill Marr, Associate Editor of Layout and Design, and hopefully that will be fruitful.
Also I have a lunch meeting and then I'll have a good long time to finish up the research stuff I've been doing this week (hopefully). Kempo today! Our Renshi got back from Poland on Monday, and Sensei David spoke to him on the phone. Apparently he's pumped as all hell to be back, which of course equals much pain for us. I'm sure those Polanders were 10x tougher than us :P Darn those eastern Europeans - they're good at EVERYTHING.

I hope I can still walk tomorrow. hah :o)

Well I still feel vaguely sleep deprived, but I do like walking to work early in the morning much better than later. And of course when I get into the office at 8:15 there's nobody here - just the sun slanting through the windows and doorways all the way down the hallway. It's lovely.
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