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Still a bit ill...

Home sweet home. I'm still kind of sick though, from something that I picked up Thursday night. Icky. Oh well, I can breathe through my nose and that's what matters.

Well, everything's over at NG and I didn't even make good use of my 25% discount. I regret that. My last day turned out pretty well. Unlike my last day at Adventure, which was spent scrambling to get things finished, I spend my last day at NG kickin it, cleaning up my desk, doing a couple last minute research items (nothing too pressing) and saying good-bye to various people. My lunch with Peter was really, really nice and made me wish I had spent more time with him. But oh well, I guess he had a lot of different stories he had to work on, more than the usual number, so he didn't have as much time to devote to me as he would have liked. In many ways I think Peter embodies what an editor should be - completely devoted to his craft, extraordinarily thoughtful, humble yet confident. He has a very good understanding of himself, both his limitations and his talents, and it's inspiring. I think I'm a little more outgoing than he is, a little more gregarious, but we get along very well. Out of all the supervisors I've ever had, he's made me most thoughtful about my own career path and where I want to be in a few years, and I think that's extremely important.

I have quite a bit of unpacking to do. Funny how it goes into suitcases faster/easier than it comes out. I ended up sleeping for 12 hours Friday night, because that's how sleep-deprived and sick I felt. Saturday morning I was up at 7 am, refreshed, and so I completely cleaned the apartment - kitchen, bathroom, the works. It was impressive. Packed everything up, and had time to go to the Philips Collection to see the Hiroshige: East Meets West exhibit. It was a really, really neat exhibit showcasing the works of one of the most famous Japanese landscape artists in history. He painted a series of 55 paintings depicting scenes from the road that went from Edo (modern-day Tokyo) to Kyoto. Then the exhibit paired up many of those paintings with works by American and Impressionist painters who had been inspired by Hiroshige's compositional techniques. The signage was very well done, organizationally it was also excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Quick stop to CVS, then back to hop on a shuttle, then an airplane, then another airplane, and well, you get the picture.

Yesterday I spent all day with my brother, Julia and Chris. It was marvelous. First we went to Chipotle for breakfast/lunch (my brother and Chris are psychotic about Chipotle. Sometimes Chris goes twice in one day...) and then headed off to Sur La Table, where my brother and Julia got some pots and potholders. This was followed by a trip to IKEA where more things were purchased. Next stop was Border's, where I got the latest issue of Adventure magazine, and also "White Noise" by Don DeLillo, which I've been eyeing for the past five months in various trips to the bookstore. Then we went to Robert and Julia's new apartment, and I played around on the keyboard and then helped my brother assemble his new desk, while Julia put together the beside table and Chris...slept. haha. Finally as the topping to the day, we went to BJ's and met up with some cool cats for dinner and dessert. It was absolutely lovely. Many laughs and silly comments and general niceness.

Today unfortunately people have to work. BUT David is supposedly in San Francisco, so I'm going to try and meet up with my favorite neighbor. And I have a dentist cleaning/appt - everytime I go in I'm terrified they'll tell me I have another cavity. Ugh. NOT looking forward to it. The weather here is gorgeous though, at 8:30 it's a cool 60 degrees and the sun is just now burning through that early morning cloud cover, speckling the backyard fence with sunlight and tree-prints.
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