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Israeli Dancing

Last night I went with Julia, Julia's friend Becca and Daniel to an Israeli Dance class. It was pretty fun, although I didn't necessarily agree with the woman's teaching methods. I really enjoy getting to experience all these different types of dance. To me dance is never just dance, it's a reflection of the people who are dancing, of the way dance fits into their lives. I love to watch people dancing and see how it affects them, the joy and emotions the movement brings. Like flamenco, I think israeli dancing is a reflection of a people - unlike ballroom which in the competitive world is structured and each dance has a different look and feel that must be acted and embodied, these dances express what the dancer is truly feeling. It's more pure, and on some level, more legitimate.

My brother and his friend Chris each ate a pizza last night. I don't understand how it fit. And then Chris ate a couple of oranges and a bowl of ice cream. That's impressive, I haven't heard of such feats since the day the boys had Costeña and Krispy Kreme donuts.

Ran with my mom and Heidi this morning, it was surprisingly easy. I actually think I'm in the best shape I've been in for a few years. It's a nice feeling.

This week is totally living up to all its expectations in terms of coolness and I imagine that things won't change for a while.
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