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Whoooa, last day of August. Crazy.
Life is a-zippin' by.

I finally saw "March of the Penguins" today, the English version, which was significantly more educational than the French help-all-the-penguins-have-voices version. I went with my mom which was really nice. Of course, not having the penguins talk loses a certain dimension, but not so much that Morgan Freeman couldn't make up for it. It was pretty interesting how much more aware I was of the content of the narration, the kind of music they played, and the times when they just let the cinematography speak for itself - all because I had seen the original version.

I've spent all day working on this quilt, and am still trying to get to the point where I actually have a template. It's not really going so hot, but I'll persevere and get it eventually. I doubt I'm going to be able to finish it before I leave for school though, which is unfortunate. However, I'm planning to rise early tomorrow to work on it, and hopefully get enough worked out that I can actually start sewing. Who knew I'd have to do so much MATH just to make a quilt??? I'm not trained in this kind of stuff!

Dan bought me a lot of ice cream today, and I ate it all. Thanks, Dan! :o) I'm still sugar high!

Anyway it's good to have something to work on constantly. Basically it means I have zero free time, but I'm still feeling pretty balanced as far as quilting, playing piano, seeing people, etc. I signed up for Kempo at this place by Chef Chu's that Janet, Dan and Alex all went to at one point or another. So yes, MW 7-8 for the next three weeks I'll be beating myself up. Fun fun, lots of sit ups and push ups which are wonderful for me. Who knew I'd ever learn to love push-ups?

I'm really excited for the rest of this summer. I'm getting in a decent amount of family time, and Heidi time and all that good stuff, so that makes me really happy. I feel like finally I actually have all my priorities straight and am living a good, balanced life. I also got a lot of new music today - hehe, fuuuun pop music! *bounces around*

PS. check out that calendar on my page.. it's so beautifully symmetrical. How pleasing to the eye it is.
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