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I was planning to make a long post about the weekend, but now I kind of just want it to stay as the amazing memory that it was. So you can just look through my pictures you can.
Today I went to SC with Dan and he showed me around campus, which was really nice and relaxing. Meh.

This entry is such a superficial attempt to encompass how I feel right now. Basically, I feel really, really good. I'm thrilled to be home, I feel secure in my relationships, and my stomach is full of chocolate.

Oh, and I found out that one of my classmates from high school posed for Playboy, to which I say, good for her because she always wanted to be a model when she was younger. And people teased her for it, and now look. Or don't, depending on your preference ;o)
I guess I could go off on a big tangent of how half of most people feel it's well within a woman's power right to pose nude, and the other half think it's degrading and promotes the objectification of women. Although I lean toward the latter, I also don't think it's my position to "scold" people for what they do and don't do with their bodies. Soo no tangent :o)

I just want to say - if you have really good friends, hang on to them, understand them, trust them. The times you spend together will never cease to amaze you, and they'll be the happiest moments of your life.
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