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C-A-R Aquathon

My mom, who is in charge of program development at C-A-R, began planning their annual Aquathon in April. Today, I was shown how the work people do can make a huge difference in a very concrete way. Not only that, but the way that giving up just one morning can contribute to the betterment of many others' lives.
Today's Aquathon raised $112,000 for CAR, a non-profit organization that helps people with physical or mental disabilities to find work, or to find therapy so that they can have normal lives. And more money is expected to come in. In the event, each team - many of which are corporate teams from companies like Northrop Grumman, Genentech, Intel (they sent 6 teams this year!) and Google, and others are family/community teams - swims as many laps as they can in the span of 30 minutes. For each lap, private or corporate sponsors contribute money.

There were four heats today, and it was really something amazing. The amount of spirit each team was zipping through the air, especially the teams composed of CAR clients and their families and relatives. In fact, the whole event was kicked off by a girl named Amber, who took her first steps from a wheelchair at the Betty Wright Swim Center. Now she can walk all the time. It was so touching to see these people working their way across the pool, to see the family members supporting them, but most of all to see the corporate swim teams feel great about helping. It really is so much more than writing a check to stick in the mail, or entering your credit card on the internet. Here you know exactly who your money is going to assist, and you can tell everyone feels so good about the entire event. Even though I only volunteered for the day, coordinating the lap counters, I feel better at 2 pm today than I usually do by the end of my day.

So there's going to be a story running on it.. either 5 or 6 of 11 pm news (I know, that's a lot of news to watch for one story) but it really is a neat event. In conclusion, I'm so proud of my mom. And it gives me a lot of hope for the power of one person to make a huge difference for her community.
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