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Ah, back in Evanston and moved in for now. My parents are actually going to be in town on Tuesday since my dad is being honored as a distinguished alumni at the University of Illinois, so they're bringing me another small box of stuff as well as a few things I had in storage with a family friend (like pillows and a whole lot of other stuff that I think I won't need). The first thing I did when I got in was dismantle half my furniture. Nothing like Malena, who took apart her bed so she could put her mattress on the floor, but I did take the mirror off my dresser so it would fit in the closet - just like freshman year - and the shelf off my desk. It makes a good, long printer rack, and I put my shoes under it. So that's working out nicely, and now I can have my desk against the window and still be able to see outside.

I love my crazy suite already. It'll be a pretty kickass year. Kemper is ridiculously nice, much better than I expected. Our kitchen is as big as my brother's in his apartment, and the bathrooms are huuuge and also really nice. There's two in our suite and each has two sinks and a separate section for the shower and toilet. My room is pretty big for a single, our common area is huge and we even have a kitchen table space. I'm really happy with it. In fact, it's so nice that last night I froze my ass off, not realizing that each room has a separate heating/air conditioning unit. I just thought that for some reason the dorm's temperature was turned down really low. Later I discovered that I could actually control it myself, although I have to use pliers to turn it up and down since the knob is broken (yay, Leatherman Juice!).

Sooo yeah, things are good. I had a hell of a time getting from the Noyes El stop to my dorm with my 50 lb rolling suitcase, a 30 lb box, and two carry-on size bags each weighing around 20 pounds. Yes, their combined weight was more than me. *sigh* Fortunately two people came along behind me and helped me carry my things to Kemper, which was super nice since I think about 40 people passed me and didn't offer to help :P Anyway in conclusion I'm reaaallly sore today, and at first I thought it was from sleeping w/o a pillow and being cold last night, but then I realized it was just from me stressing my muscles too much.

Classes start tomorrow, which is just crazy. And uh, yeah. My internet wasn't working for a while for some reason, but it's good now. Basically I'm just settling down, getting used to being back on campus again. I'm definitely in that weird funny stage of funk that I'm always in when I first get somewhere. I think once stuff starts happening though it'll get really crazy and I'll be right back into the swing of things. Which I'm looking forward to, of course. I'm looking forward to buckling down into my classes and studying hard. I may even spend more time in the library; I went over there today and they're in the middle of a massive remodel. It looks SO much more airy and beautiful and pleasant inside - what an improvement! Nice to see money is going toward something good that we can all use *ahem, Ford Engineering Building, cough*

I've been able to see the majority of non-BLAST people who are my closest friends here which is marvelous. I miss home a little already though, but yeah, when I get busy I hope I won't have time to miss anything, and then I'll feel better. heh..
I was so excited to eat in the dining hall today - the first time in months and months and months. It was pretty thrilling. And then I got over it, pretty fast :P Oh well, it's allll good. I've found I also don't mind the walk at all, it's way better than the walk in DC and it uses up this antsy energy I've been filled with lately.
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