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Lukewarm - cold showers suck.. Not having hot water sucks. Boo on Kemper's crappy plumbing. And did I tell you about the toilets of doom? I swear there's a black hole down there, there's no other possible way that the water could get sucked down so fast and so loudly.

Classes today...
They went decently. Although the class that I thought would be interesting was my most boring. Chinese was pretty good, although I barely remembered how to write my name when the sign-in sheet came around. I like the professor though, and the people seem.. normal. One of the girls, a freshman, told ME I looked like a freshman, and then she told me "it's a good thing." I was like "yeah." haha I didn't know what to say but I think I had a disgusted look on my face.
I reaaally like my Reading & Interpretation class and I think (hope) it'll be relatively easy as far as the amount of effort I'll have to put into my writing assignments. I already have a significant amount of reading homework assigned between that class and Anthro, and I haven't yet had my 300-level English course so we'll see what the final tally is. I have a feeling it's going to be in the 300-400 page a week range, possibly more after I find out what's going on with Print Media and Design. At least I found a bunch of my books at the NU library so I don't have to buy them. More and more that's becoming my solution to spending money on textbooks.

I also got a new battery for my phone today so now you can call my room again! Aaaand, yeah, that's pretty much it.
I'm tired from walking around carrying all those books. I'm just going to sit and read now. Jane Austen, here I come.
Oh by the way, I finally read "Kite Runner" last night after my mom/amy/everyone else in the world telling me to read it, and yes, it's very good.

My parents are coming today! whee! although I'll probably only get to see them for like an hour since they have to get up really early tomorrow. Okay. Reading now.
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