Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

Robert and I went to buy liquor today. We didn't really drink very much of it.. maybe like a shot-glass worth :P But we bought it anyway, and threw a party, just because we were amused by the idea of buying liquor legally. So now we've got all this vodka and rum sitting around. It's kind of exciting...

Anyway, my evening was filled with games of Telephone and Mafia, as well as games we invented like "Guess the Decade from the Dance Style" which morphed into "guess what artist or movie this dance is from." It was awesome, and I saw people I hadn't see in years, as well as a few completely new people.

Now I'm listening to Borodin's Nocturne, so full of hope and longing and joy.. and it makes me happy. I know I haven't said anything about my classes, or about what it's reaaallly like to be back at NU, but.. I don't nkow. I don't feel like writing about it.
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