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Monday, monday. So good to me...

I stayed up way too late on Saturday night and ended up not getting much sleep, which led to me waking up at 6:30 today to finish up some work. Now I'm done, with plenty of time left over (first class at 10!) and I'm just bummin. Joel had a fun little shindig at his apt in Chicago on Saturday; the building has a pool on the 8th floor that has some serious scenery out of the gigantic glass windows. That was superb. Then we ate chicken wings and pizza, did a little dancing, lots of seeing people and having good fun in general.

Life lately is pretty decent. I'm starting to feel more settled - my parents dropped off the rest of my stuff yesterday so now I actually have pillows and a comforter, binders and paper to go in them. I decided I'm not even going to buy half my books this year, I'm just going to get them from the library. It seems to be working out well so far, even if the library books are all hardcover and thus significantly heavier than the paperbacks I would have gotten at the bookstore.

Really the only thing I need to be complete is for dance to start. It sits on the back of my mind all day, all night really. Only one more week of not dancing before I can start seriously working again. OH and originally BLAST didn't have the ballroom sampler in the class list, but I talked to Nikki (the pres) and said I would teach it and I thought we really needed the class to show that we weren't just swing and salsa, and she went to the class coordinators and said "Jen will teach the class, so make it happen." :o) Yey. So now I have that, the 1 1/2 hour long competitive ballroom I class that I'm teaching, and then 4 hours per week of pro coach time for comp. Plus 3 hours on saturdays of open, two hours another day of the week, and whatever extra time other people need. Yeah, so far I'm establishing good habits though, which involve me doing work any free moment I get. Which also means I don't really eat my meals with other people because I need to be getting reading done at that time. And I think that this waking up early to do work thing is going to continue. Meh. It's about time I started working hard. Like, really working hard. heh...I guess this means no playing :o( ever.

Okay, I just remembered we have a short little quiz in Chinese class today, so I'm going to go brush up on that stuff. I want to start this out right!
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