Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin


I set my alarm last night (in a tired stupor) for 6:30 PM. Well done, Jen. At any rate, I woke up at 8:30 today, going "what time was I supposed to wake up again?...."
As a result I haven't done any work this morning. To make up for it I'll be spending my afternoon in the library. I have a paper due Friday, another due Tuesday and a midterm on Tuesday as well, and a whole heck of a lot of reading to do. The worst part of me stressing out about this stuff is that none of my ridiculous amount of work is caused by me taking that fifth class (Chinese). It's all from my stupid required classes. Bah!

On a high note, I turned in my paperwork to declare my English major yesterday. Walking out of the WCAS building felt really good. It's official! I'm a double major :o) And the head of the department, Jennifer Brody, was SO nice about letting me us my EU Poli Sci class as a "related" course. I definitely don't think I'm going to get any grief from HER about my classes not fitting specific requirements. I declared my concentration as "fiction" which basically means I can take any classes I want to to fulfill that requirement.

Last night I went to a meeting of NUOC (Outing Club) which was a lot of fun. I'm exciting to go on some of their day trips, and maybe later in the year on some weekend trips too. We'll see how it conflicts with ballroom. The people are cool though, and we learned how to tie several different knots.

Okay, well, I should get hopping to class now. The weather's lovely, lately.
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