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new friends!

Today I went to the Chinese Language Table, and I made three new friends. And I'm going to the symphony with one of them next Saturday - Mahler's 5th and Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto. Maaarrvelous! Heh, one of the people actually helped me find a book at Seabury two weeks ago.

So my new place of residence is the NU Library - I'm obsessed with the round tables that have the semi-circular green bench seats around them. They're SO comfortable and I Knooow they're meant for group projects but I can't help myself. Yesterday I spent a good four hours working on my paper there. Today I've been here for about two working on another paper. It's nice :o) I feel so sheltered and cozy.

BLAST is good. There were about 30(?) people in my Wednesday Ballroom Sampler class, which is the biggest class I've ever taught. And I think about 20 showed up to the Intro to Comp which was superb. So yeah, I'm very happy about those. The only sucky thing was that after the intro to comp class we had open practice for an hour and a half, which means I did 4 hours of dance that night, and talked for a large majority of the time, which is WAY too much.

Okay, that's it. Tonight I might go see Serenity because everyone is raving about it like there's no tomorrow. There will be much, much studying this weekend since I have a newspaper analysis due Monday, and a paper, midterm and quiz on Tuesday. Then my life will be much easier after that.
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