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Fun in the Library

Today I used my laptop in the McCormick Trib Center, Allison Dining Hall, and now the Library. Yay for portable electronic devices.

Now I'm in the Library Info Commons, taking over one of the group work tables for laptop usage. The chairs are the most comfortable here. I love to see the groups walking by and giving me dirty looks.
Last night I was up till 3 studying for Anthro. Fortunately I had gotten coffee (my first cup of caffeinated since June) and was really buzzed the entire time. that equals über productivity. This morning I got up at 7:30 and finished my Print Media & Design assignment, then went back to sleep for an hour. Chinese and Ren Lit were alright.. studied more till PMD class. WE got our first real assignment today - a typography assignment. We're supposed to make a poster either supporting or protesting the war, except we can't use photos, or if we do then they can't be the main visual element. That's due in a couple weeks, so I'll be spending time in the lab on that.
Anyway I'm supppppeeerbbbly excited about comp this year. Haha, I don't know how many times I've said that in the past month, but I still am really pumped. Especially now that people are starting to partner up, I feel like I can really help to start fostering those little partnerships. Fun fun :o) I love having my hands in all parts of it. Except that I'm skipping practice this Friday to hear Ralph Nader talk. Last night made me so happy, just hanging out with BLAST-ies (new and old) and getting to know them better. That always pleases me. Tonight we have practice again, which I'm also looking forward to.
The competition at Purdue is in a couple of weeks, yeeeeey! First comp! I might dance if ppl want to go and haven't been able to find partners yet... we shall see about that though. I don't reaaallly want to.
Wow, my econ TA from three years ago just walked in to use one of the computers.

So once tomorrow is over, and my life goes back to a semblance of normal work-ness, I need to remember to e-mail editors at NGA and NGM and other various locations.
Plus it's time to start thinking about getting a real job. Scary!!! Okay, back to writing my essay's conclusion. I have another 45 min to get it done before dance though, so I should be able to distract myself with other things at the same time!
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