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Mondays Suck!

boo on this Monday sucking. Maaaaaaan.

Okkay, so supposedly there was a lunar eclipse this morning at 4:51.. so I got up and walked around by the lake to see it. Except I think that really the moon enters the prenumbra at 4:51, and it wasn't actually visible till around 6:30. I tried to get up again at that time, except by then it was cloudy. Damn ye, Chicago weather.

So yeah I went back to sleep, got up at 8:30. Did homework, showered, and somehow managed to be 10 minutes late to my first class. When I got there I found out I did the wrong set of homework problems. You see, last Friday I went to the 11:00 class instead of the 10:00 because I was sitting in on an IMC course at 10:00. And apparently he gave my 10:00 class the even problems to do for homework, and the 11:00 class the odds. And then he called on me twice during class. The upside is that tonight's homework is to do the evens, which I've already done. yey.

I got rained on walking around in the morning, which sucked. It was cold :o(

I didn't get into any Latin pieces for BLAST, which makes me kind of sad. Although I knew I wasn't very good at the Latin pieces, but still. I did get into the swing piece which I'm THRILLED about. CAn't wait to get thrown about in the air! The weekend of April 12, y'all, mark it on your calendars right now! The other thing that pissed me off was that some people got cast into like 5 pieces, and others didn't get cast into any. Granted, they wanted to put a cap on the number of people - but still, I think it's stupid. I'm of the opinion that once people are in the show, they tend to start really coming to classes and becoming much more active in the club in general. If you keep casting all the same people into all of the pieces, just because you know they learn faster and it'll be easier, then you're not drawing any new people into the club.

Then this morning I had made sure to bring nicer clothes, hoping that I could sit in on a Kellogg leadership class this evening, but he was like "I don't let people audit the class, it completely changes the dynamic of it. However, I look forward to seeing you here in 4 or 5 years." I was like "punk." except I really only said that in my head. What I actually said was "Thank you," which I don't know WHY because he didn't DO anything for me.

So yes, now I'm here in the library. Where did my day go? Where the hell did my weekend go? I'm soooo grouchy right now and I need more sleep.
I hope dance doesn't suck too, because that would just be the capper of a retarded day. I wonder if this is a sign that I'm overstepping my bounds of what I think I can or can't do. Ugh! *digusted with self*

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