Jennifer A. Chin (cswallow) wrote,
Jennifer A. Chin

oh man, I love Kris Kasperovich so much. I want to like.. follow him home and make him teach me more dance.

Life is pretty good. I made my heater work. And am doing a decent job of getting my homework done. The prof/class seemed to like my Print Media & Design project (watch the wall of 2nd floor MTC for our posters).

The only annoying parts of this day have been physical pain - I got a flu shot this morning which meant my arm was sore for half the day. And my dance shoes have been steadily chewing up the skin off my feet, leading to bleeding and lots of agony while dancing. But no pain, no gain, and in this instance, I shall eventually become hardened to the discomfort, and be a really good dancer. Did I mention how much I love Kris Kasperovich?

I guess I'm done with this entry. It's time to go to sleep anyway.
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