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Wow! Two updates in a day! It's positively amazing.

I'm really, REALLY tired right now. I was definitely falling asleep in my economic anthropology class. And I really have to pee right now but I have to send out an e-mail to the registrar first, so I'm stuck in the computer lab until I can go searching for a bathroom.

Yesterday I finally ordered new Latin dance shoes. I'm pretty pumped.. hopefully they'll fit since they're being shipped from the land of Eng and thus are difficult to return.

My latest not-school project is of course dance related - a BLAST Wiki! One of the other team members was kind enough to set it up and I've been spending some of my free time thinking about how I want to eventually organize the whole shindig. I guess I should draw out some kind of a flow chart or something.

I believe I've figured out my schedule (from hell) for next quarter. Three English classes, a journalism course and Chinese. I'm estimating that with an average of 3 papers and a final paper in each class, I'll probably write between 10-12 essays next quarter. On Mondays I'm going to have class from 10-1 and 2-5. Yum. However, the rest of the week I'm smushing all my classes in before one, which means on Tuesdays I can actually GO to the Art Institute for free admission. I still can't believe I haven't made it over there at ALL yet. It's horridly depressing. I hope my grades cheer me up when I get them. The other craziness is because of the way the English classes are scheduled, I'm going to have to switch back and forth between Chinese classes. On Monday and Wednesday I'll be attending the 10:00 section, and on Tuesday and Thursday I'll be attending the 11:00 section. I found out that he actually swithces the homework from group to group (one class does the odds, the other does the evens), which means I'll probably never be doing the right set of homework problems. Fortunately I already cleared it with the professor and figured out how to clear it with the registrar. Sweet.

The weather here has been stunning this week. Balmy 60 degree warmth, the leaves are toward the end of their color-changing. Some trees are already reaching barren branches toward the sky. I walk out of the dorm in the morning everyday and see the different colors of the lake and I stretch toward it. Allen and I are going to try and play tennis outside tomorrow instead of on the indoor SPAC courts like we did today. I wonder if he realizes how much running he'll have to do (SPAC has netting between each of the courts which constrains stray balls...)

It's hard to believe I'm already in week seven of classes. In some ways this quarter has seemed insanely long, and in other it's been much too short. While I'm proud of the things I've done, the people I've met, I also feel like I haven't had enough time to calm down and reflect on things. I don't think I've even written in my journal in two weeks. It's sad - my journal is the way I put my life in perspective, it's how I can think about what I'm doing and how everything falls into place around other things. Even though I'm managing five classes and a really big commitment to dance very well, I feel a little scattered. I wish I had the words to wrap myself up with, tuck the loose ends in, glue the lost bits back on, but instead I'm just trailing them about, or squandering them on English essays (the more likely).

I've become even more grateful than I normally am for people who invite me out to do things. Out for dinner, to a museum. I've become adept at making openings in my schedule for these people - the human contact is gorgeous. I like to watch the people I'm around, drink in their aliveness. Hope mine is still there...

Really I don't think I'm unhappy though. A little lonely, but in all other ways fulfilled.
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