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It's about that time...

When I'm getting tired of my English paper so it's time to write in the ol' LJ.
Although I don't have anything to say except how excited I am to finish this last paper. I have almost four pages now, which means I only have another 4 more or so to go. I should definitely finish it today, which means I can relax a little this evening (I hope). This also means that I can get up tomorrow to revise, and turn it in with plenty of time to go. It's not due till 4 pm, I discovered, which is lovely.

So I took my Chinese final yesterday, except I was so wiped out from my 15-pager before that I didn't study properly. I'm hoping my poor performance doesn't kill my grade in that class. What sucks is that I had the opportunity to choose between taking it on Tuesday or Thursday, and I picked Tuesday because I knew I'd have this other paper due today. In retrospect, I probably should have just taken that extra time and then had the two things to work on. I would have been less tired and done better. *sigh* Oh well, it's all a learning experience, right?

I'm pretty sick of writing papers by now though. I think I've written something like 53 pages worth of response papers and essays this quarter. Plus this paper, which I'm anticipating will hit between 8 and 9 pages, and that gives you.. some disgusting number. Also like 25 of the pages have been written in the last week. Next quarter will be even more gross, I think. Can't wait! It's good for me I guess though, definitely makes me able to churn out a lot of content without stopping.

I've also found that I work best when I change the spot I work in. For example, if I work one day in my room, another day in the library, the next day somewhere else in the library, then later in the kemper lounge, I'm less comfortable with where I am and more likely to do work instead of staring off into space for an hour.

Boy, I can't wait for recovery time here. I need to rest my brain. You know, I can't even carry a conversation with anyone anymore. It's like my head is just.. empty. How unsettling.

So I'm really excited for dance again these days, mostly due to Kris Kasperowicz, our Standard coach. That man is my hero. He expects us to practice and to be on time, and demands professionalism even during lessons. He has a lovely way of explaining things that is inspiring yet logical. He's the best thing that's happened dance-wise this year. After every lesson with him I feel like I'm becoming so much better. It shows me what potential I have, the heights that I can aspire to reach, and gives me a glimpse of a level that I could someday be dancing at all the time. It's always been true that dance has given me a lot of joy, but I think it's more true in the past couple of weeks than ever before. My classes are at that point where I'm starting to just try to get them done so that I don't suck at graduating.
I think the team is pulling together really nicely this year, and it's something that I enjoy working at. I love all the people so much - there's really no antagonism between people. I wrote my ethnography this quarter on BLAST, and it was really inspiring to hear what people felt about BLAST. Turns out, nobody does it just for the dancing. People who love BLAST do it because of the other people, the friendships, the sense of community despite the fact that we're all in different grades, majors, places in our lives. Well you can expect a lot more sappy entries on BLAST later in the year, but for now it's back to Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell.
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