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Like a bird whose feet are too big.

So many different lives - so many reasons to bring together one with another.

Shall we banish pride, shyness, fear, and become more certain of ourselves than before? A good friend said to me over break that she tries to put herself in an awkward social situation at least once every few weeks. To say "yes" when someone asks her to go out when she'd much rather stay home - just so she can work on better handling situations that make her uncomfortable.

I need to do that. I'm slipping. Sometimes in a conversation - I can't keep it going. I sit, and stare, or laugh to fill the silence. Avert my eyes - study the ceiling, my food, the way my companion's eyebrows are shaped. I embarass myself, I think myself ridiculous. And that makes me laugh too.

As always, it's time to push myself a little more than I know.
Tags: about cs, leadership
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