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University of Michigan competition

Well, I just got the best night of sleep yet this quarter.
The University of Michigan competition was.. perfect. I was sooo proud to see so many of my kids out on the floor, looking amazing and beautiful. Northwestern brought home some nice prizes, but really the best part was playing charades till 2 am, helping each other between heats, teasing each other, and goofing around during the general dances. Not once did I stop to worry about the work I had to do, or all the things I had to get done. It was a completely stress-free competition, filled with the experience of being with great people.

That being said, I am extremely pleased to say that I won my first ribbon as a lead with Yunji.. and I also finally have a number to tack onto my wall! :D I apparently make a pretty decent man.

Okay, well.. I've gotten my 10 hours of sleep so it's time to get some food and do work.
Tags: ballroom
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