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Ridiculous english paper

I got my American Literary Traditions english paper back yesterday. I got an 80.. which means I have to rewrite it because apparently I just didn't answer a part of the essay question. I have an explanation though - the assignment sheet for this damn paper was literally a page, front and back, single spaced, with all these questions to help tell people how to make a thesis and write topic sentences. So I skimmed it, because I already KNOW all that stuff. Waste of my time.
ANYWAY, so I went over my paper today before emailing the TA about it, and turns out the middle page somehow never even got stapled into my essay.

Basically, I got an 80 on an essay that I didn't do properly, and that was missing 1/3 of its content.
Maybe I should be proud instead of appalled.

In other news, the Medill slogan "If your mother says she loves you, check it out" should have taught me a few things. I think part of the reason I feel like I got fucked over in love this week is that I just didn't live a proper journalists' life.
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